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Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

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Gratnells Tray: Tray

Covers the final graphemes and phonemes they need for reading and spelling. They will also learn the alternative pronunciations of graphemes and alternative spellings of phonemes.  

Graphemes/Phonemes covered:

ou, ea, ie, ir, oy, ay, ey, aw, ue, wh, ph, ew, oe, au, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e, /zh/

Alternative Spellings covered:

/s/ c; /j/ g; /sh/ ch; /k/ ch; /igh/ y, I; /ar/ a; /oa/ o; /yoo/ u; /e/ ea; /ee/ ie; /ur/ er; /oa/ ow; /oo/ ou; /i/ y; /ai/ a; /o/ a; /ee/ e; /oo/ u; /ai/ ey; /oa/ ou; /l/ el, al, il; /s/ se, ce; /z/ se, ze; /ch/ ture; /sh/  ti, ci, ssi; /ng/ n(k); /zh/ ge; /j/ dge, ge; /m/ mb, mn; /r/ wr; /n/ kn, gn; /ou/ oul; /air/ are, ear; /ar/ al; /ear/ eer, ere; /or/ ore; /ur/ or,ear; /ai/ a, ea, eigh, aigh; /u/ o-e, ou; /air/ ere; /or/ oar, oor, a, augh, our; /s/ st, sc 


  • Mnemonic Cards
  • Phoneme Frieze
  • Three Right Answer
  • Alternative Spelling Consonants
  • Alternative Spelling Short Vowel
  • Alternative Spelling Long Vowel
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Matching Words & Pictures
  • Sentence Substitution Set 1
  • Sentence Substitution Set 2
  • Flash Cards - New Graphemes
  • Flash Cards - Alternative Pronunciations

      Our phase 5 validated kit has been reviewed by an independent expert panel to ensure that it meets all the criteria of an effective SSP (systematic synthetic phonics) programme.

      Due to price increases, we now charge an extra $40 for the storage tray. If you would like the tray included please select this option above.

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      Tina G.
      Legacy Kits

      Wonderful resource to support our teachers to deliver the Letters and Sounds program