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Letters & Sounds Phase 4 Kit (Legacy)
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Item no: LT04

Letters & Sounds Phase 4 Kit (Legacy)

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Suitable for: 5-6

The teaching materials in this kit will help you to consolidate children's knowledge of graphemes in reading and spelling words containing adjacent consonants and polysyllabic words. 

Blend and segment longer CCVC and CVCC words such as s-t-o-p.

This great value kit includes the following items and offers a saving off the individual prices:

  • Yes/No Question Cards game
  • Picture Sentence Matching game
  • Buried Treasure game
  • Flash Cards
  • Matching Words & Pictures puzzles
  • Sentence Substitution game
  • I Can... Book and Cards
  • Set of Decodable Readers
  • Gratnell Storage tray


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