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Vowel Sounds

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This easy-to-use CD-ROM provides the 19 vowel sound poems in an exciting, interactive medium. Each vowel sound is arranged into three groups: short vowels, long vowels and 'r' controlled vowels. For each vowel sound there are three activities: listen to the poem, find the sound and make words. The 'listen to the poem' section allows children to become familiar with the different spelling patterns of a vowel sound, as the corresponding letters are explicitly highlighted as the text is read through. The 'find the sound' section requires identification of a target sound from words with different spelling patterns. The 'make words' section supports visual strategies for spelling, as children have to click and drag the letter pattern that makes the correct spelling despite all the possible spelling options that make the same sound. Children will love to use this rewarding, self-checking resource.

PC & Mac compatible.

SP48s Single user licence - 1 computer.

SP48f Five user - up to 5 computers.

SP48u Unlimited User - unlimited amount of computers within physical bounds of school.