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Alternative Spellings Flashcards - Phase Five

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Alternative spellings taught at Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds (not covered in the Alternative Pronunciations set) are provided in this handy boxed set with dividers.

Alternative Spellings Covered:

/ai/ ai ay a-e a ea ei
/air/ air are ear ere
/ar/ ar a al
/ch/ ch tch t(ure)
/ear/ ear eer ere
/j/ j g dge ge
/m/ m mb mn
/n/ n gn kn
/oo/ oo u oul
/or/ or au ore oar oor al our augh
/r/ r wr
/s/ s c se ce st sc
/sh/ sh ch ti ci ssi
/u/ u o-e ou
/ur/ ur ir or ear
/v/ v ve
/z/ z zz se ze

Cards are double-sided, showing the word on one side and the word with the sound buttons on the other. Use these cards for playing countdown by seeing how many cards you can read against the clock.

  • Set contains 232 double-sided cards.