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Dandelion Readers Book Pack Units 1-10 Series 1

Item no: SB180

Dandelion Readers, Set 1 Units 1–10 ‘Sam’ - Guided Reading (60 Books)

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Suitable for: 5-6, 6-7

Guided Reading (6 Sets of 10 Books)

An excellent synthetic phonics reading scheme, designed to bridge the gap between learning initial phonics and the first level in available reading schemes. Letter sounds are introduced in a structured sequence, using motivating stories, appealing characters and imaginative illustrations on photographic backgrounds. Text is on a cream background to make it reader-friendly, using minimum sight words and encouraging the practice of blending skills.

Decodable text books in this pack and all other packs at units 1-10 cover the most common letter sound relationships in a systematic sequence. These are as follows: Unit 1 (a,i,m,s,t); Unit 2 (n,o,p); Unit 3 (b,c,g,h); Unit 4 (d,e,f,v); Unit 5 (k,l,r,u); Unit 6 (j,w,z); Unit 7 (x,y,ff,ll,ss) and Units 8-10 (consolidation and reinforcement of previously learnt sounds). Pack contains 10 books (one per unit).




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