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Partitioning Banks

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Partitioning Banks

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Suitable for: Year 1, Year 2

Which 10s number and 1s number is 48 made from? Being able to partition numbers such as this in different ways e.g. 40 and 8 or 30 and 18 ultimately underpins quick mental calculation. Match the correct tens number to the 2-digit number on your bank board, before placing the correct 1s number over the zero. This helps children to understand that the written form of zero is only used as a placeholder. Innovative double-sided cards show numeric representations on one side and amounts of coins (grouped into 10s or 1s) on the other to secure knowledge of how they are fundamentally linked. Contains 10 x partitioning boards and 2 x 1-9 cards and 2 x 10-90 (10s) cards. Ages 6+

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