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Phase 6 Decodable Readers

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Set of 8 decodable readers levelled at Phase 6 of the Letters & Sounds phonics progression. Fun, simple stories and incredible value.

Contents: 8 pages per book.

Size: 150mm x 170mm

8 Books:

1. Suffixes -s, -es - Mango the Magician

2. Suffixes -er, -est (Superlatives) - Funniest Conversation

3. Suffixes -er (Converting verbs to nouns) - Parents’ Day

4. Suffixes -ment, -ness - The Art Gallery

5. Suffixes -ful, -y, -less, -ly - Bug Boy

6. Suffixes -tion, -sion, -cian - Space Station

7. Prefixes un-, dis- - Unlucky Duck

8. Homophones - The Blue Knight

Reading Level 7-9. (turquoise/gold) 

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