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6 x Phase 2 Pocket Rocket Readers (108 books)

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Introduce an early love of reading with these exciting readers. There are 18 fun stories to introduce, in a daily progression, the 18 phonemes learnt at Phase Two of Letters and Sounds. The books include an instructional page with comprehension questions as well as tricky and focus words.

Group Reading set contains 6 copies of each title (108 books in total).

Each 8 page book measures: 148mm x 210mm 

Cover: 260gsm with gloss lamination. Inside pages: 128gsm 

Pocket Rockets Phase 2  
s, a, t, p Pat
i Pit Pat
n In
m Min
d Sad Dad
g Dig
o Tom Tin Pot
c Can Dad Nap
k Can Dad Kip
ck Tick Tock Tick Tock
e The Pet Gig
u Gum
r The Rat Pack
h The Hot Dog Hut
b Bad Bot
f, ff The Fun Run
l, ll A Lot of Buns
ss Miss Fusspot

Inside Pages:

Pocket Rockets Evaluation


Phonic Progression of books:

Smart Kids Reader Progression

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