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Alongside decoding (for reading) students need to be taught encoding (for spelling). As a first step students should focus on three-letter words that follow a consonant, vowel, consonant pattern (CVC words).

Playing individually: Lay out up to 20 picture cards and complete the words using the letter tiles.

Playing with 2 to 4 players: Deal out four CVC picture cards to each player. Place all letter tiles face down on the table. The first player turns over a letter tile and adds it to one of their words if they can. If they cannot use the tile, they leave it face-up on the table. The next player takes a turn by turning over a new letter tile or taking a tile that is already face-up on the table. The first person to complete all their CVC words is the winner.

Decoding activities:

  • Make a word using the tiles. Swap one tile to make a new word. e.g. bat to mat.
  • Read the word. Turn the card over to see if you are correct.
  • Find cards that rhyme. e.g. net and jet, bag and tag.


  • 44 picture cards (75mm x 75mm).
  • 66 letter tiles (20mm x 20mm).