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Fraction Magnets

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Fraction Magnets are a tactile teaching tool that help pupils develop a deep understanding of fractions. Illustrate how fractions be added together in different ways to make a whole. Use the rectangular fraction tiles to show how fractions measure lengths. Decimal and percentage sets are also available, the sets are colour co-ordinated to aid visual comparison. This resource is also ideal for intervention work and catch-up sessions.  Ages 6+

  • 4mm thick foam core
  • lightweight yet durable
  • wipe-clean material.
  • contains 106 pieces.
  • suitable for whole-class display

    This resource is ideal for intervention work and catch-up sessions.

    • use as a concrete resource for teaching fractions. 
    • demonstrate parts of a whole in group and length format.
    • provide pupils with a fun and engaging method of teaching fractions with the magnetic rainbow fraction tiles.

    Diameter of the circles measure 135mm (suitable for whole-class display).


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Msgnetic fraction tiles
    Fraction Attraction

    These magnetic fractions are a must in my lessons on introducing fractions and exploring equivalent fractions as well. My students are drawn to them when left on the board and find themselves practicing converting fractions without even asking them to do so.

    Paulette Stent
    Valuable new resource.

    Working in the Learning Support Dept of our school we have found the Magnetic Fraction Tiles to be a valuable new resource. They are bright and colourful and the students find it easy to read the fractions on them. They are managing to get the concept of fractions a lot easier now that they have the hands on resources right in front of them. Maths is fun again for them.