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Annual subscriptions:: Home schooling (1 child)

Grow the Code is a new web app that covers the first four years of phonics instruction using the Smart Kids Letters and Sounds program. Over 500 daily lesson plans will advance children through oral blending, blending for reading, segmenting for spelling and alternative spellings. Retain fidelity, with detailed guidance embedded into these lesson plans. An online assessment allows you to monitor each child's progress. Individually targeted keep-up lessons are provided for the children who need them. Children can then apply their knowledge with sentences for dictation and 235 fully decodable books.

Daily Phonics Lessons

  • Select your phase, then choose your GPC. 
  • Revisit previously learnt GPCs and tricky words before practising reading words using the new letter-sound. 
  • Children can then apply their new knowledge with a caption for dictation and a fully decodable reader for practise.

Growing the Code

  • Alternative spellings are gradually introduced at phase 5. 
  • When revisiting the letter-sounds all previously taught spellings are shown, reinforcing and building on knowledge.


  • Like the letter-sounds, teacher guidance is delivered systematically to simplify your job.

Segmenting for Spelling

  • Each letter-sound taught also has a segmenting for spelling activity.
  • Drag and drop the letter-sounds to make words matching the pictures. 


  • All children can quickly be assessed using the online assessment tool. 
  • Results are recorded and sorted and the bottom 20% of children are targeted for extra keep-up lessons individually tailored for each child.
  • Children can easily be assigned to a new teacher when moving to another year group.


Children can practice and apply their knowledge with 235 fully decodable online books. 

Annual Subscriptions:

  • The home-schooling subscription allows 1 user access.
  • The medium school subscription allows multiple teachers access and up to 500 pupils' assessment records.
  • The large school subscription allows multiple teachers access and up to 1000 pupils' assessment records to be kept at one school.

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