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Number Smart Green Phase Kit

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Use place value to add and subtract numbers to 100. Practise problem-solving, understand times tables and the inverse operations of addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. Practise rapid recall of number bonds using this revolutionary selection of engaging resources. This kit is the first phase of the wider Number Smart maths programme designed to help pupils achieve fundamental maths concepts of Number & Place Value, Effective Calculation and Problem Solving. Each phase offers a range of multisensory activities to meet key learning objectives and further teaching ideas in the Teaching Ideas Manual.


  • Maths Vocabulary Frieze
  • Place Value Puzzles
  • Finding Fractions
  • Partitioning Banks
  • Magnetic Number Links to 100
  • Lots of Fruit ¥ Measures Puzzles
  • Array Problem Matching
  • Money Problems
  • Decodable Word Problems
  • Number Mountains to 100
  • Number Mountains Times Tables 2, 5 and 10
  • Write and Wipe Boards to 100 (6pk)
  • Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) Flipbook
  • Green Phase Teaching Ideas Manual
  • Addition; Subtraction & Multiplication Smart Balls
  • Gratnells Tray.