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Letters & Sounds Phase 6 Premium Kit

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Children know most of the common grapheme-phoneme correspondences and can read hundreds of words at the start of Phase Six. The reading is done automatically if the words are very familiar. For less familiar words, decoding can be done quickly with their well-practised sounding and blending routine. At this Phase, although children's spelling is phonemically accurate, it can be quite unconventional. The resources in this kit will encourage the children to become ever more fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers. KLT206


  • Suffix Strips Set 1
  • Suffix Strips Set 2
  • Suffix Strips Set 3
  • Magnetic Foam Suffixes
  • 6 x Spelling Rules Directories
  • Prefixes and Suffixes Game
  • Tenses- Irregular Verbs Chute Cards
  • Downloadable Magnetic Phoneme Frames.
  • Phase 6 Decodable Readers
  • Suffixes & Spelling Rules Cards