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124 Letters and Sounds Decodable Books

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124 different titles. Covers Phases 2 to 5 of Letters and Sounds. Now includes the new Phase 5 daily decodable books and Alternative Consonant Sound Spellings. Amazing value.

  • Contents: 8 pages per book
  • Size: 150mm x 170mm

Books include word lists and comprehension questions.

Phase 2 Fiction  
s, a, t, p Pat
i, n, m, d Dad is in a Pit
g, o, c, k Tim's dog / The Dog
ck, e, u, r, h Rat in a Sack
b, f, l Run in the Fog
ff, ll, ss Rick Rabbit
Revision Big Bad Bug
Revision Bag of Gum / Nuts in a Sack
Phase 2 Non-fiction  
s, a, t, p, i Pip Pat
n, m Tim, Nat
d, g, o, c Min
k, ck, e  Pip in the Pot
u, r, h, b Can a bug dig
f, ff The Fun Run
l, ll Bill and Val
ss A Mess
Phase 3 Fiction  
j, v, w, x Jess at the Vet
y, z, zz, qu Fix it Fox
ch, sh, th, ng Fish and Chips
ai, ee A Wait in the Rain
igh, oa At Night
oo, oo Look at My Things
ow, oi Cow's Boil Up
r' controlled The Letter
Phase 3 Non-fiction  
j, v, w, x, y Jim the Vet
z, zz The Bug
qu, ch The Quiz
sh, th Ash and the Shellfish
ng, ai Set Sail
ee, igh Moths
oa, oo, oo, ow At the Zoo
oi, 'r' controlled On the Farm
Phase 4 Fiction  
cvcc Camp at the Pond
ccvc The Lost Nest
ccvc Golf Lesson / Hulk's golf day
ccvc Green Tree Frog
ccvc The Best Dream / The Culprit
ccvc What is that Smell?
cccvc Lunch
cccvc Splendid Spring Night
Phase 4 Non-fiction  
cvcc Lost in the Woods
ccvc Help / Stuck on an Island
ccvc Sport
ccvc Dogs
ccvc Frogs
ccvc Winter
cccvc Slugs and Snails
cccvc The Thrush Nest
Phase 4b Fiction  
-est Having Fun with Card
-ing The Coolest Bear
-er Never Ever
-ed Goblin in the Loft
-tch Chicken Pox
-y, -ey Funfair at Night
-ve Marve
-le Huggles
Phase 4b Non-fiction  
-est T-Rex
-ing Milk
-er Ears
-ed Transporting
-tch Chicken Eggs
-y, -ey Family Fun Park
-ve Stunts
-le Otters
Phase 5 Daily Decodables  
ou Lost and Found
ea Sweat Treats
ay Playing with Clay
ie The Missing Pie
oy Joy's New Toy
ir The Injured Bird
wh The Wobbly Wheel
ph Philip's Phonics Lesson
au, aw Aubrey's Tricks
ue, ew Newt Statue
oe Farmer Joe's New Crop
a-e The Parade
e-e Robots Compete
i-e Mike's Kite
o-e Home Sick
u-e The Huge Rock
Phase 5 Fiction  
ou, ea, ie, ir, oy Lost at Sea
ay, ey, aw, ue My Annoying Dad
wh, ph, ew, oe, au The Astronaut
Split digraphs Prize Tomatoes
Alternative  c, g Going to the Circus
Alternative ch, y Christmas Eve
Alternative a, e, I, o, u Unicorn Detective
Alternative ea, ie, er, ow, ou, ey Channel Surfer
Phase 5 Non-fiction  
ou, ea, ie, ir, oy Roy's Treat
ay, ey, aw, ue, wh Days of the Week
ph, ew, oe, au Fingers and Toes
Split digraphs Snail Race
Alternative  c, g Picnic in Central Park
Alternative ch, y Christmas Island Crabs
Alternative a, e, I, o, u Static Electricity
Alternative ea, ie, er, ow, ou, ey Wheels
Alternative Spellings - Consonants  
l Basil likes to Travel
m The Lost Lamb
s Mouse House
z The Big Freeze
j Aldridge the Elephant
r The Little Wren
n The Knight and the Gnome
s Mouse Castle
Alternative Spellings - Consonant Digraphs  
ch Food Mission
ng Mitch's Day
sh Thanks Mitch
zh Binge-watch
Alternative Spellings - Long Vowel  
ai Angel Bay
ee Grandy’s Party
igh Brian Spies a Lion
oa Go, Go, Go
oi Joy at the Museum
ow Mouse in the House
long oo Fix-it Sue
ue Barbecue Rescue
Alternative Spellings - Short & ‘r’ Controlled Vowels   
e Ben’s Quest
i The Pyramid
short oo Woolly Mammoth
air The Haircut
ar Backyard Picnic
ear Belvedere
or Lorna Likes to Draw
ur Worm Farm

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