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Dandelion Readers, Level 2 (Extended Code)

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The Dandelion Extended Code Series extends learning from the previous sets of books. Each decodable text book introduces 2 or 3 alternative spellings for the vowel sounds presented in Level 1 (Phase 5): Book 1 ("ae", ai, ay, a); Book 2 (ee, e, ea); Book 3 (oa, o, ow); Book 4 (ur, er, ir); Book 5 (ea, e, ai); Book 6 (ow, ou); Book 7 (oo, ew, ue); Book 8 (igh, i, y); Book 9 (oo, oul, u); Book 10 (or, a, aw); Book 11 (oi/oy); Book 12 (ar, a, al); Book 13 (air, are, eer); Book 14 (eer, ear, ere).




Phonic Progression of books:

Smart Kids Reader Progression