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Foam Magnetic Tens Frames

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Click here for Len Cooper's teacher notes.

An excellent way to teach basic maths concepts, this new resource includes 2 sets of number frames 1-10, along with their corresponding dots/counters. The dots come in yellow and red so that they will stand out when placed within each frame. The 2 sets can be used together to demonstrate number bonds to 10. Frames of different sizes can also be placed on top of each other, providing an excellent way to visually demonstrate concepts of greater than and less than, or multiples. For example, how many times does the five-frame go into the ten-frame?

Ideal for a daily starter routine for maths. Your students can look at the tens frame patterns every day.


  • 20 x magnetic frames (ten frame measures 80mm x 200mm)
  • 120 x magnetic counters (30mm diameter)

Preschool and Junior classroom: Saying how many dots there are, showing the numbers on our fingers, saying how many spaces. It can all be done in 20 seconds.

Teacher Tip: developing part-whole strategies through the use of ten frames as a learning resource.

Older children: Number frames allow children to explore sums to ten. Use the sets of 5 for repeated addition and therefore multiplication.

Frames of different sizes can be placed on top of each other, demonstrating concepts of greater than and less than, or multiples.

Set includes: 2 sets of the number frames 1-10., a red set and a yellow set, 22 number frames and 120 magnetic counters.