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Mog and Gom fully decodable books follow our Letters and Sounds phonic progression. The text only includes words using previously taught phonemes. Tricky words are gradually introduced (just like the sounds) and when a new tricky word is introduced the tricky part is highlighted throughout the story. 

  • Bonus teacher guide
  • Bonus 'Grow the Code' Poster
  • Extent: 8 pages per book.
  • Book Size: 150mm x 170mm 
  • Box Size: 160mm x 130mm x 190mm


Boxed set contains 72 books levelled at Phase 2-5 of Letters and Sounds:

Mog and Gom Unit 1 Title
/s/a/t/p/i/ Pip Sat
/n/  Tap a Tin
/m/ Sam
/d/  Dad is Sad
/g/  Sid and the Map
/o/  Mog and Gom
Mog and Gom Unit 2 Title
/c/  Mag the Cat
/k/ Kit the Dog
/ck/  Is Mag Sick?
/e/  The Men
/u/  Get the Nut
/r/  Run Pip Run
Mog and Gom Unit 3 Title
/h/  Hop to the Hut
/b/  Bob and Peg
/f/ ff  Huff and Puff
/l/ ll  Mog and Lill
ss Gom the Boss
s Mog’s Ticket
Mog and Gom Unit 4 Title
/j/ Mog’s Jet
/v/  Get the Vet
/w/ Kit is in a Rut
/x/ Bed at Six
/y/ Yams for Pip
/z/ Yip Yap Zip Zap
Mog and Gom Unit 5 Title
/zz/ Buzz Buzz
/qu/ Quit It
/ch/ A Wish at the Well
/sh/ Mash and Chop
/th/ Moths in the Shop
/ng/  The Thing
Mog and Gom Unit 6 Title
/ai/ Paint the Hut
/ee/ The Boss is Back
/igh/  Midnight Nap
/oa/  The Queen’s Coat
/oi/  Coin in the Well
/oo/ Mood for Food
Mog and Gom Unit 7 Title
/ow/  Pip and the Owl
/ar/ Food in the Cart
/air/ The Haircut
/ear/  Shark in the Park
/ur/ King Earon
/or/ /ure/ A Rock for Gom
Mog and Gom Unit 8 Title
cvcc A Cure for Bob
ccvc The Missing Rock
ccvcc Gom Thanks Sid
cccvcc A Gift for the Queen
-est The Red Jam Room
-ing Ned Gets Help
Mog and Gom Unit 9 Title
(schwa) Wogom
-ed Crash Landed
/ch/ tch Gom Meets Earon
/ee/ y ey Gill Gets Pop
/v/ ve Looking for Mog
/l/ le Put the Kettle On
Mog and Gom Unit 10 Title
ow-ou Ouch!
ee-ea Captain Mork
ai-ay Ned Plays the Horn
igh-ie Ned’s Parrot
oo-yoo The Rescue Plan
oi-oy The Quest Begins
Mog and Gom Unit 11 Title
or-au Claw Hand
ur-ir Mr Frown
w-wh The Elephant
f-ph The Haunted Hut
yoo-ew The Dragon’s Egg
oa-oe River Foe
Mog and Gom Unit 12 Title
ai-a-e Visit from Mr Frown
ee-e-e Plan Complete
igh-i-e The Bus Driver
oa-o-e No Joke!
yoo-u-e Gom’s Rules
zh A Vision of Wogom

Inside Pages: 

Mog and Gom Library Evaluation


Phonic Progression:

Smart Kids Reader Progression

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A great buy

I’m very glad we purchased this series for my young reader. We were struggling with a lack of enthusiasm for reading because it was hard. Switching to decodable books has helped him learn in a structured way. Our reader is now enjoying reading and building confidence.

Gemma L

This library of books for both my 8 year old with undertaking structured literacy and 6 year old. I can choose books at different levels depending on how tired or engaged they are and all the books are interesting helping an 8 year old who is struggling to engage with the books and not think they are for ‘little kids’

Bek Wilson
What a fantastic resource

This resource is simply amazing! Who would have thought 1 book could be the base to a 30min phonics lesson. I am easily able to cover so many different objectives. The books start off at a basic level and progressively get harder as the students progress. All the readers are decodable! The images are eye catching and engaging for great conversations. Bring on a year filled with Mog and Gom adventures!