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Phase 3 Non-fiction Readers x 6 Sets

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Phase 3 Non-fiction Readers x 6 Sets

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Suitable for: Foundation, Year 1

Set of 48 decodable readers (6 sets of 8 books) levelled at Phase 3 of the Letters & Sounds phonics progression. Explanation, discussion and recount text using real-life photography.

All books include decodable word lists using focus phonemes, a trick word list and comprehension questions.

  • Contents: 8 pages per book
  • Size: 150mm x 170mm

A slightly different progression to the fiction series offers reading opportunities at more stages:

  • Book 1 (j, v, w, x, y) Jim the Vet
  • Book 2 (z, zz) The Bug
  • Book 3 (qu, ch) The Quiz
  • Book 4 (sh, th) Ash and the Shellfish
  • Book 5 (ng, ai) Set Sail
  • Book (ee, igh) - Moths 
  • Book 7 (oa, oo, oo, ow) At the Zoo
  • Book 8 (oi, ‘r’ controlled) On the Farm


Reading Level 2-3. (red/yellow) 

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