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Talisman Series 2 (set of 6)

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This set contains 6 copies of each title (60 books in total).

The Talisman 2 series introduces alternative spellings and more text per page. The mystical stories have been set out in a way that will engage children between the ages of 8 - 14 and are designed to appeal to older, reluctant readers.

Book 1: Reunited  -  'ue': u-e, ue, ew, u
Book 2: Trouble in the Woods  -  'u''o': 'u' ou, o, u 'o' a, o, ou
Book 3: Certain Death  - 's': s, ss, c, ce, se, sc, st
Book 4: The Fossil  -  'l': l, ll, le, il, al, ol, el
Book 5: Legends of the Gorge  - 'j': j, g, ge, dge, dj
Book 6: The Sphinx  -  'f': f, ff, gh, ph
Book 7: Sticky Adventure -  'cher': ture
Book 8: Dangerous Direction  -  'shun': tion, ssion, tion, tian, sion, cian
Book 9: Zak Tries Martial Arts -  'shul', 'shus': cial, tial, tious, cious, ious
Book 10: The Dark Monter's Vision  -  'zhun': sion